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Mr. Ryan blamed Mr. Obama for an 8 percent cut in Pentagon spending that is scheduled for January that results from Congress’s failure to compromise on a debt plan, even though Mr. Ryan voted for a 2011 deal requiring the automatic cuts as a way to force both parties to the negotiating table.

Ryan Blames Obama for Looming Defense Cuts -

Of course.

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8% defense cut FTW.

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8% down, 42% left to go.

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Not to be a downer, but the “cuts” that are going around are actually increases. The 8% cut is actually just 8% less than the projected increase. Some nice double talk from both sides help to confuse the issue. This isn’t a partisan he-said she-said thing, it’s just an unfortunate fact.

Republicans can bitch that Obama is “cutting” defense, when in reality he is not.

Democrats can tout that they are “cutting” defense, when in reality they are not.

Plenty of documentation of this. Here’s a sort of overview from an admittedly partisan source.

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